Welding Tents: Should You Buy Them? [2023]

Onsite Welders know how crucial welding tents actually are to make themselves a good workplace to work in.

Being in the field of pipeline welding myself for a few years, I know how hard it is to work for long hours without tents and other protective gear. 

Here’s the deal:

Many welders out there still have several misconceptions about such weld equipment including the welding tents and welding umbrellas.

By the end of this article, I assure you that you will find answers to each and every question you might have in mind regarding the same.

Military Welders with their Welding Tents
Military Welders with their Welding Tents

Why Welding Tents?

For those welders who work outside and have long term welding projects, tents are a necessity.

Some might not agree with me, but tents do increase your productivity compared to welding out in the open, which is a very excruciating experience.

Welding tents on the other hand provide ample space and the right environment to work in, along with all the other features that you find in your common work such as vents, fire-proof, etc.

It also helps in protecting others from the strong visible light produced from the welding arc.

Apart from the usual benefits, there are many hidden benefits that are usually overlooked such as less sick leaves my employees, working for long hours to complete the work fast, etc.

If the weather condition is too harsh to work in, welding tents will be an extremely good option considering the power supply and how fast you need to get the work done.

Moreover, you can leave the weld there in company with all the heavy welding equipment and generators.

Purpose of Welding Tents?

A welding tent is a utility tent that is purposefully built to carry out welding processes safely under harsh conditions or situations of any sort outside.

These are not limited to specific industries and anyone can use them for their own advantage and ease.

However, these are ideal for:

  • Pipeline Welding
  • Onsite Welding
  • Travelling Welders
  • Welders working in Remote Areas
  • Mine Sites
Ceiling of a Welding Tent
Ceiling of a Welding Tent

Welding Tent: Buying Guide

Working in the pipeline welding myself and having used several tents I decided to come with this short buying guide for welding tents.

This includes some must-have features for a  welding tent if you are looking to buy one. 


Most of the welding tents usually have them, however sometimes they are absent.

Vents are a must-have for any welding workplace whatsoever since the welding process discharges many toxic gases and fumes that can be very lethal if you inhale directly.

Although protective gears are there, vents are extremely important for the proper ventilation and abundant oxygen supply.

Firm Frame

There are many different types of tents available such as party tents, pole tents, etc. Yet, all of those couldn’t be used for welding.

It is recommended that welders use tents with a firm frame, moreover having a galvanized frame is important which further helps in its overall strength.


Being a traveler welder, you must look for options that are highly portable. 

By portable, I mean which can be easily carried from place to place without taking much storage space. 

Having portable welding tents can be a huge plus point if you are working in a group and need your own workplace setup.

Fire Resistance

Another feature that is a must-have for all welding tents in fire resistance. 

Small spatter and flames are normally produced most of the time while working your welding process, and you don’t want that spatter to destroy your workplace i.e your welding tent. 

Ensuring that the tent is made of fire-resistant reinforced PVC is the easiest way to know.

The 3957 Code

The process of welding emits a lot of radiation and other harmful intoxicants which can be lethal for anyone and not limited to welders.

The 3957 is standard followed in Australia and New Zealand, which is altogether a good practice if followed anywhere. 

This Standard sets out the safety and physical requirements for light-transmitting screens and curtains intended to provide protection against hazardous radiations generated during welding processes while simultaneously affording visual contact with the working position.

Side Walls

This feature is most useful for pipeline welders who usually work with long pipes and require more space to work with it.

For serving this exact situation there is a division in side walls in some of the welding tents through which the pipe can protrude outside.

This minute feature can help you in a lot of ways including giving you a lot of space to weld in.

Setup Time

One such feature which might come in handy to a lot of welders is setup time. 

It’s better if the setup time is on the lower end, as sometimes the welders would need to change their work location often depending on the job, the welders will have to face less hassle if the deployment time is less and the process is easy.


Make sure that the welding tent has a big enough space to get things done. 

The ideal size of a welding tent should be 8ft  X 8ft X 9.5ft. 

However, size can vary from product to product, and it is totally up to you.

Top 3 Best Welding Tents

You have already gone through the features to have if you are looking to buy a portable welding tent yourself. 


I myself went through several welding tents myself, testing them thoroughly, and came with this top 3 list for the welfare of my readers.

1. Bells Welders Tents

This tops my list, an industry-leading name that specializes in welding tents particularly. 

They are known for their high-quality tents and unique advantage over others i.e replacement parts which only some companies ensure the customers.

They also come in many different options and sizes, which provides an ideal workplace for all the welders.

2. Sellstrom S97260 Outdoor Welding and Confined Space Tent

These vinyl laminated polyester welding tents are very strong and can withstand any storm.

Strictly built for industrial welding purposes, these tents come with galvanized frames and follow all welding standards.

If you are working in extreme to extreme weather conditions, you should have their name in your mind.

3. Hex Hunt Welding Tents

Offering portable welding tents, these are some quality welding tents that will surely last a lifetime. 

Having a proper ventilation system and a heavy-duty exterior these tents are for those who want to work on heavy jobs.

Hex hunt also offers easy set-up functionalities as well which is a huge pro.

So, with that, the top 3 welding tents are all covered. Before giving the review, all the tents were inspected and tested thoroughly like you inspect your weld.


With this post, I tried to explain the importance of welding tents and listed some must have features if you are looking to buy one. 

The price can be varying at the time you decide to buy a tent. 

might be a little bit expensive to some of you, and if you are really tight on budget you might check out some other alternatives such as welding blankets, etc.

Happy Welding!