Welding Booth: Should You Get One? [2023]

Welding booths are the ultimate solution for those welders who are looking for a neat personal workspace.

They ensure complete privacy and come with ample space to get your welding tasks done quickly.

In this article, we will look at why welding booths are important, its alternatives, and other features related to them. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a hobby welder or welder by profession, booths can be utilized by anyone to get your job done swiftly.

Welding Booth

Why is Welding Booth important?

If you are a professional welder, you might already know just like welding tents and umbrella what a welding booth is and why are they so important.

However, for those of you who don’t know, don’t worry, we are going to talk about it exactly.

The welding booth as already discussed is a personal workplace area typically for a single welder. 

These are particularly important to limited footprint production areas such as welding schools and industries with a lot of other workers or bystanders.

It safeguards the welder along with other people, via only limiting the work area to a certain extent. 

And, for welding schools, they come with enough space to fit both the instructor and the student along with the projects and the machines they are working with. 

For traveling welders who prefer their privacy to work, there are portable welding booths available hence fulfilling an important function for them.

Want to know the best part?

They come with designated industry level ventilation systems and fume extractors which helps the welder in providing a clean environment to work in. 

Further, if you are more health concerned, there are many add ons available as well as a more powerful fume extractor.

Welding Booth Curtains

Besides welding booths, for the safety of the bystanders from the harmful arc flash welding curtains are used. 

Welding curtains work extremely well for that particular purpose and act as filters for the outdoor light or sunlight.

There are multiple ways you can use welding booth curtains with your work, either you can use only the curtains if you are really low on budget or you can use a booth and the curtains together to make yourself a well-ventilated area to work in.

Welding Curtains bring a lot to the table, if you are a hobby welder working at home you should definitely use them for the safety of your loved ones as the arc flash can be lethal.

Welding Curtain - An Alternative of Welding Booth

Welding Booth: A Buying Guide

Several features make the welding booth perfect. However, there are many misconceptions regarding this and hence I came up with this small buying guide. 

1 Dimension: This depends solely upon your requirements, however, there are certain standard dimensions in the case of welding booths. They come in many different dimensions, most commonly in 5X5. According to the American Welding Society, the dimension is set to 6X6. 

2 OSHO Compliance: Make sure that the booth is 100% OSHO Compliant. Occupational safety and health administration has certain standards for welding booths. Following the standards alone is healthy and gets most of the box ticked regarding safety.

3 Fire Resistance: One of the key things for a welder is fire resistance in all of his gears and hence goes the same with welding booths. Fire-resistant booths and curtains make sure that there will be no welding accidents related to fires.

4 Ventilation: Another important thing that should be taken care of is the ventilation system. You don’t want to have breathing problems later in life as a result of using a bad fume extractor or a bad ventilation system in all-together.

5 Lighting: These are optional and depend upon you if you want a light kit or not. However, these are extremely useful if you are working in a low-light area or if you usually work at night. 

6 Welding Booth Plans: If you need multiple booths for your workplace you can get custom made booths done for you, there are many companies which make well-defined welding booth plans and designs according to the requirements.

7 Welding Booth Accessories: Apart from the above mentioned must have features there are several booth accessories and addons which can come in very handy sometimes such as welding table, lockable storage systems, adjustable booths, etc.

8 Portability: These are completely optional and maybe only useful to a few welders out there. This feature ensures that the welding booth is portable, that is it is movable and needs not to be fixed in a place like a typical booth.

Welding Booth Cost

The cost is varying and depends upon your needs and the manufacturers. However, the average cost welding booth may lie between $900 to $1500.

Whereas, curtains are on the lower end can cost between $70 to $150. Hence the welding curtains are a better option if you are really tight on option at the same time providing maximum safety.


I hope you found this article on welding both informative. 

What’s the bottom line?

Well to use a welding booth for your work is completely up to, I tried my best to explain why booths were important and the features you must look out for if you are thinking of getting one in the future.

Happy Welding!