Transformer Welder in 2023?

Would you like to be bound to stick to the same output, or would like to change the circumstances in which you work? Transformer Welder is the answer you are looking for.

Being a welder, you would prefer easy access to changing the voltage and amperage according to your requirements and obviously, you would want to be the master of your own choices. 

Well, it’s always better when you keep your choices open and have a wide arena to work in. 

Considering that we are talking about welding machines, Transformer Welders are installed in engine driven welders having AC outputs, to change the alternating current into a low-voltage, high-amperage current during the second winding.

It allows the welder to select the output current. 

While working with your welding projects always prefers to be flexible with the conditions you work in and the method you use to finish the welding project should be in your comfort zone, this is exactly what transformer welders function at. 

Although transformer welders have vanished from the market competition because of the introduction of inverters, they are not that bad as in some areas these transformers work better than the inverters. 

After all, we should not forget the fact that small transformer welders formed the basis of inverters. 

Welder looking to buy a transformer Welder
Looking to Buy a Transformer Welder in 2020?

If you have been into welding for a considerable time, you may have worked with transformers and would still prefer them over inverters. 

You must have seen many such articles on transformer welders at the time when they were in use, but now people stress more on inverters rather than transformers and gradually they have lost their limelight. 

But, I have decided to keep you guys updated and not in an apprehension that only inverters are the best. 

Let’s get transformer welders to regain their fame and trust among the people. 

Glide through this article with me and I am sure I will be able to change your whole perspective about these awesome mechanisms.

Inverter VS Transformer Welder


Talking about engine-driven welders with either a transformer welder or an inverter, reliability is a basic feature into which welders consider their machines to choose from. 

Transformer welders have been in the welding industry for more time as compared to inverters, hence they have become better year after year. 

Between the two, transformers ensure greater rugged reliability than inverters, as inverters have just entered into the market competition. 

But, the gap between the two has narrowed significantly which leaves us again weighing the two. 


The ability to adapt to many different functions and activities at the same time quickly and easily is a weak point of transformers and inverters have taken the edge here. 

But, they have not lagged at some point transformers have been finding solutions to this weakness of theirs by integrating some features of inverters into themselves. 

Weld Quality

It is obvious that while welding, you look for the finishings and a better weld yield. 

The quality of welded material plays a very vital role.

 Hence, it is important to get a satisfactory weld. 

The quality depends on the machines you power. Transformers, although work only in one process, guarantee a better welding quality than inverters. 

Inverters have been stressing mainly on technology and multi-process working conditions, ignoring the weld quality. 

Transformer welders have kept this in mind and have been successful in proving themselves in ensuring the best arc qualities of all times. 


It should always be easy to carry around your machine from place to place for greater convenience. 

Inverters are lighter and portable than transformers, which makes them easy to transport to your workplace and are known to be carried to the place of work instead of carrying the workplace to the machine. 

But, transformer welders have been able to catch up to inverters in this area and have succeeded in building lightweight and portable, easy to carry units. 

Working conditions

You would want a machine that works well in different environments. 

Welding transformers work well in dirty, dusty rugged conditions, hence can be roughly used, whilst, on the other hand, inverters are designed to work in clean, and dry places, which is usually indoors. 

If you are looking forward to working outdoors for more hours, transformers are the best in comparison to inverters. 

Despite working outdoors, transformers have been proved to be more durable and have a significantly longer life than that of inverters. 

This shows that the method with which they have been invented is on par with inverters.  


Setting up the machine according to your welder generator is another debatable issue. 

Transformer welders are easy to operate when compared to inverters. It can set the engine-driven welder by adjusting the machine’s settings itself according to the working conditions. 

But, moving on to inverters, it needs a welding machine to help them to adjust itself. 

Neither can it power and select the right settings for the machine nor can it be run by itself. 

Welding transformers have control over the welding process and can change keeping the working conditions in mind. 

Welder Working with a Transformer Welder
Welder Working with a Transformer Welder


Not only a machine should be easy to operate, but it should also be easy to handle and maintain as well. 

Transformer welders are easy to repair which makes them a low-cost maintenance unit. 

As it induces technologies of inverters too, the repair and replacement parts of transformers are easily found anywhere at a relatively lower price. 

It has very low maintenance costs and is also easy to handle. 

Since the welder machine is easy to maintain and costs low too, it makes it attractive for many old school people to use it in their day to day welding work.  


Inverter machines have been highly overrated for the reason of technological up-gradation techniques and have also been expensive too due to the component costs, specialized manufacturing, and use of highly technological units, making these machines significantly more complex. 

Transformer welders have parts that are durable and lower in costs. 

The cost of maintaining these machines is relatively low which makes them a great choice if you do not want to shell out cash from your pockets. 

Because many welders are switching to newer inverters, you will be able to find the older transformers at budget prices. 

If you are looking for a low-cost welder that saves you tons of money and is within your budget then transformer welders are a great bargain and investment for you and your business.   

So, we are talking about prices, right? Then how can I miss this opportunity to put forward the best transformer welders in front of you? 

Best Transformer Welders Reviews  

Silverline 868773 250 Amp Arc Welder 

Silverline is a very powerful line of models in the industry for transformer welders. 

It is known for making transformers of all shapes, sizes, features, and characteristics, and specializes in this firm. 

  • It offers step-less regulation of welding current making it easier to work as a coil transformer. 
  • Gives off excellent performance whilst ensuring 250 amperage arc welding. The higher the amperage it offers, the more amount of work can be done in less time, and an amp of 250 with arc welding is commendable. 
  • Some features like in-built thermal and overload protectors make it widely preferable among welders. 
  • To prevent the machine from overheating because of the working hour after hour, it has an installed fan cooling system. 
  • It is a very compact and lightweight unit weighing only 11.7kg making it easy to carry from one workplace to another.
  • It is easy to operate and is a good choice for beginners as well as experienced welders and different purposes whether you are using it domestically or professionally. 
  • Lastly, coming back to the price of the product, the unit is quite cheap. The affordable characteristic of the machine makes it accessible for welders that have entered into welding not lately. 

Clarke 260TE ARC Welder

Clarke is a transformer welder that is professional and classic. 

The trust and loyalty it has made up among the welder forums are due to its high-quality products ensuring the best welding yields.  

  • The machines have an extra heavy-duty transformer that can be used at a stand-alone backup. 
  •  If you want to use the unit for a variety of things, on different kinds of materials, it offers a welding capacity of up to 5mm thickness, hence ideal for different metals. 
  • It can adapt itself to work from small in house activities to professional work. 
  • It has an amperage which ranges from 50 to 250, opening up such a wide choice in which amp you want to work in. 
  • To prevent the machine from overheating, it has an inbuilt turbo cooling fan which helps on working for long uninterrupted hours. 
  • It builds one of the finest transformers in the welding industry. Accounting to the operational uses and desires of the people, the machines are portable and lightweight, durable, and rugged. 
  • Clarke keeps in mind the different kinds of welders in the welding industry, with their consecutive projects, that is why it can be operated by beginners as well as professional welders. 

The above two models of transformer welders are one of the best ones in the market, critically examined and rigorously tested by none other than me. 

However, all the top welding brands have their range of transformer welders and you can go with it as well.

What makes an Inverter Different From a Transformer Welder? 

Inverters and transformers are seen to be the same thing and are pitted together very often.

But, the sole difference between the two is that transformers are responsible for increasing or decreasing the AC electricity from the primary input side to the secondary output side and from one voltage to another. 

Whereas, inverters are responsible to change the DC electricity at the input side to the AC electricity at the output side. 

They convert DC output to AC output. 

Inverter Welder with Safety Equipments
An Inverter with Safety Equipments

How Many Amps Does A Microwave Transformer Welder Put Out? 

A microwave transformer has a high output range. 

Some use 700 to 2000 watts with a voltage of 2000v and 5 amps.  MOTs use a very high amperage and voltage, which makes them dangerous tools. 

If you are a DIY person and wanted to make a Microwave Transformer Welder at home follow this tutorial.


I feel that inverters have been greatly overrated. Although transformers have become those old schools, that does not mean that we should bury them in a grave. 

Transformer welders are classic arc welders that are till date, preferred by those who have been in the welding industry for ages. 

The newcomers have stressed more on inverters only because of technological upgradation. 

Here I have done something different, instead of writing about inverters, which have gained a lot of ground, I have decided to go back and bring the long lost light of transformers back to life. 

I hope that I was able to put my point in front of you and be able to change your point of view.